The National Digital Research Centre’s (NDRC) LaunchPad Accelerator is an investment programme focused on supporting the next generation of digital entrepreneurs to accelerate good ideas to sound start-ups. NDRC’s LaunchPad is targeted at enabling great people to launch great ideas in the digital space.

NDRC is an independent enterprise dedicated to accelerating research from ideas to income. Our collaborative approach with technology and business innovators drives greater collective success while cultivating bolder attitudes towards invention and investment.

TYPES OF ACTIVITIES: NDRC LaunchPad begins with a 12-week hands-on programme. At the end of the 12-weeks, all start-ups pitch for a follow-on investment prize. All LaunchPad start-ups then have the opportunity to stay at NDRC for a further 6-9 month period.

Participating in NDRC LaunchPad gives start-up promoters validation and access to help with every aspect of their business, as well as a fast-track to attracting investment. Targeted at emerging start-up promoters in the digital space, LaunchPad provides:

  • 12-weeks alongside other start-ups, innovators, researchers and investors;
  • hands-on mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs to guide development;
  • weekly workshops and meetings with the right people in the right networks;
  • micro-seed investment of up to €20,000 per project.

ELIGIBILITY: Requirements include:

  • start-up promoters must locate at NDRC during the 12-week programme;
  • all start-ups must demonstrate a link to a third level institution;
  • all start-ups must focus on launching an element of their product during the programme;
  • NDRC LaunchPad is open to start-up promoters from across Ireland and Europe.

FUNDING: As well as a desk space for your start-up team and hands-on support, NDRC LaunchPad provides investment of up to €20,000 per project. This investment is made up of €5k per start-up promoter (with 2 to 3 promoters per project) plus €5k project costs.