Introducing IRDG’s Smart Connected Devices Series

‘If you’re in the business of making things & you’re not making them smarter or connected you will go out of business……let me repeat that for you……things need to be smarter & connected – Disrupt or be Disrupted’ Philip Moynagh, former VP of IoT Group (IOTG) at Intel (National Research & Innovation Conference 2016)

IRDG is delighted to announce our new Smart Connected Devices (SCD) Series for members.  In today’s Intelligence Age – the connected world, there’s an evolving ecosystem of smart, connected devices, machines and systems that interact and are changing our lives and businesses.  This new era requires a rethinking and remaking of the goods, products, services and processes that surround us.  This impact stretches across all sectors of industry, and the opportunities, and needs, for innovation are many.

IRDG’s Smart Connected Devices (SCD) series will:

  • Explore the IOT phenomenon and what it could mean to IRDG members
  • Look at the imminent threats and opportunities businesses face and examine what will separate the winners from the losers in the connected world
  • Highlight new solutions that are changing the connectivity landscape
  • Share real-world examples from global companies and gain valuable insights to help members navigate this new environment.
  • Explore opportunities for member companies to partner and collaborate

This series will see us visit a variety of different member companies who are pioneering the way in this new connected world.

Event at Flex, Cork – 28th March 2017

With significant expertise across industries and emerging technologies, Flex in Cork have kindly agreed to host our first SCD event on 28th March next.  On the day, Flex will also be joined by Intel, VT Networks, Tyndall and Nimbus.




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