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Launching Design Thinking Ireland 2021!

Rethinking Business with Human-Centred Design – June 22nd to 24th  

As organisations adapt for a changed future, human-centred design offers novel and effective ways to deliver for customers, employees, and partners.   

The pandemic has triggered astonishingly swift and sweeping change to how people work, shop, socialise, relax, approach hygiene, and generally view the world. Which new behaviours and habits will persist, and what are the implications for the long-term viability of different business strategies? As companies move forward with little precedent and considerably high stakes, human-centred design can provide much-needed structure and focus for assessing needs, testing and building solutions, and adapting business models to recover more quickly and thrive over the long term. 

Design Thinking is a design methodology that provides a solution-based approach to solving problems.  A very unique aspect of design thinking is the stretch to achieve a balance between Human Desirability, Business Viability, and Technical Feasibility. Unlike traditional approaches of creative problem solving, where there is often a trade-off between what’s good for the customer and what’s profitable for the company, design thinking strives to strike a balance between all three aspects. 

Join us this June where we will explore how design thinking can help companies more methodically—and confidently—establish new business ideas, innovations, and capabilities to benefit customers, employees and partners. 

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