Knowing about Intellectual Property

Knowing about Intellectual Property

“Intellectual property rights are rights governed by statute that provide individuals with a right to prevent others from exploiting or abusing their intellectual creations…. For many knowledge-intensive or technology-based companies, the professional management of IP is critically important. As such IP needs to be considered a priority in the planning process to ensure that it is properly protected and that the company itself is not inadvertently infringing a third party’s rights.

Also the proper protection and management of IP is essential for the development of collaborative research agreements and the establishment of long-term strategic partnerships between public research organisations such as universities and research centres, and other established companies” (Extract from Intellectual Property: From Creation to Commercialisation by John P. McManus).

IRDG’s seminar on Intellectual Property on the 8th March will provide an opportunity to dig deeper on this subject, and ensure that you are managing, protecting and maximising your IP for the benefit of your business.

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