In 2008 two European industry-led Joint Technology Initiatives were established.

ARTEMIS: Advanced Research & Technology for EMbedded Intelligence and Systems (ARTEMIS) aims to tackle the research and structural challenges faced by European industry by defining and implementing a coherent Research Agenda for Embedded Computing Systems. The ARTEMIS JU will manage and co-ordinate research activities through open calls for proposals through a 10-year, €2.5 billion research programme on Embedded Computing Systems. The programme is open to organisations in European Union Member States and Associated Countries. Selected projects will be co-financed by the Joint Undertaking and the Member States that have joined ARTEMIS.

ENIAC: European Nanonelectronics Initiative Advisory Council (ENIAC) is a research programme aimed at enhancing the further integration and miniaturisation of devices and increasing their functionalities.

Ireland makes funding available to facilitate Irish companies participation in projects under both of these JTIs.

The bodies responsible for implementing the JTIs are independent legal entities that manage research projects in an integrated way, with industry joining forces with other stakeholders.

JTIs have a dedicated budget and staff and provide a framework for the public and private players to work and take decisions together. They organise calls for proposals, oversee selection procedures and put in place contractual arrangements for projects set up to implement the JTI research agenda. They thus allow funds from different sources to be jointly managed and they are responsible for the related communication and dissemination activities.

ELIGIBILITY: Companies that are eligible to receive funding from Enterprise Ireland, IDA Ireland, Udaras na Gaeltachta or Shannon Development may participate in a Joint Technology Initiative. Companies should be able to satisfy the relevant national funding agency that they have the potential to derive a benefit proportionate to the national funding being sought, through the exploitation of the results of the research or otherwise.

FUNDING: The funding to Irish participants will be as follows:
•    SMEs up to 66.7%
•    Large companies up to 46.7%
•    Higher Education Institutions up to 100%