Irish Venture Capital Funds provide capital in an equity form to finance start-ups, to fund the growth and expansion of high growth innovative companies. Some capital is also available to finance restructuring and distressed buyouts.

Irish VCs will syndicate deals with international VCs thus exposing an Irish company to a significant pool of capital. They will fund many sectors including information technology, business services, electronics, laser and nanotechnology, semiconductors, medical devices and diagnostics, environmental/green technology and biotechnology. In general these Funds will only finance a product or service that could/may have global reach.

There are currently eleven VC and PE Funds operating in Ireland available:

1. Enterprise Equity VC Group (www.enterpriseequity.ie)
2. Western Investment Fund (www.wdc.ie)
3. Seroba Life Sciences (www.seroba-lifesciences.com)
4. Kernel Capital (www.kernelcapital.ie)
5. Atlantic Bridge (www.abven.com)
6. Fountain Healthcare (www.fh-partners.com)
7. NCB Ventures (www.ncb-ventures.com)
8. ESB Novusmodus (www.novusmodus.com)
9. Delta Partners (www.delta.ie)
10. DFJ Esprit (www.dfjesprit.com)

A company should apply to the relevant fund manager. These Funds will invest from €250k up to €10m per company, across the range of investment stages and each will have their area of speciality/special interest. A company should approach the VC Fund that it believes will best fit its needs.

As well as providing the essential finance for growth, Irish VCs will add real value to their investee companies in the following areas:

  • management team formation and development;
  • development of realistic but challenging business objectives;
  • positioning the companies for international growth;
  • introduction of international investors to form larger VC syndicates; and
  • consistent monitoring of performance and the creation of shareholder value.