IRDG visit to Tyndall – a real eye opener!

On 5th March 2013, the Tyndall National Institute hosted an IRDG member’s Innovation Practice Group visit.

Tyndall is one of the most renowned research centres in Ireland, and we were delighted that they agreed to share their developments and technologies with our members.  This was a great opportunity to see leading world-class research being conducted in the areas of Nanotechnology, Photonics, Life Sciences & Healthcare Systems and Energy.

The research underway in Tyndall has wide reaching applications, particularly in Communications, Energy, Environment and Health.  The session provided some interesting insights as to how these technologies could be applied in various industries and business environments.  It really opened the eyes of all in attendance as to the kinds of research activity which is underway, and to the ways in which it could be applied.  It also got people thinking about the needs that existed within their companies, and how they too could develop their R&D with the support of Tyndall and other external expertise.

On the day, the presentations were as follows:

  • Tyndall Overview (Michael Grufferty)
  • Life Sciences and Healthcare Systems (Paul Galvin)
  • Advanced Materials Technologies Coatings (Martyn Pemble)
  • Central Fabrication Facilities Overview (Brendan O’Neill)
  • CCAN Overview of Projects (Alan Hynes)
  • Training Facilities at Tyndall (Carmel Kelleher)
  • Photonics Packaging Integration (Peter O’Brien)
  • IERC Overview (Michael Kelleher, Bord Gáis Energy)

The Tyndall Team are open for business and very interested in talking to and meeting with companies who are interested in collaborative work.  The primary contacts include Kieran Drain, CEO (kieran.drain@tyndall.ie) and Michael Grufferty, Head of Industry & Innovation (michael.grufferty@tyndall.ie).  They are very welcoming of companies visiting Tyndall and exploring if and how Tyndall could support them in their research needs.

Further information is also available from the IRDG.

Finally, we would like to express our sincerest thanks to Tyndall for their welcome, hospitality, sharing of expertise and facilities.  It was a challenge to pitch the message to such a diverse group of members without getting lost in the technical detail but collectively we received a very good overview of Tyndall’s capability along with much food for thought.  Thank you all.


Photos and copies of the Presentations can be accessed via the above links.  Presentations are stored in the IRDG members area of our website.  (Note if you have not previously setup a members login, please fill in your details in the lower part of the screen and we can then approve you for access.)


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