IRDG supporting your business during Covid-19 crisis

Dear Member

I hope you are keeping safe in this extraordinary time for all our businesses. 

We are sensitive to the challenges which lie ahead and would like to assure you of the continued support and commitment of the IRDG team as we all strive for normal operations.        

  • IRDG’s one-to-one support, with advice and guidance on any key RD&I questions or needs you have, is available to you at all times.  We appreciate you will also face other priorities, but please be reminded that the IRDG team is uniquely resourced to deliver on this one-to-one model which will help you keep your research and innovation plans on track.  ​
  • For the immediate future we are happy to have meetings with you via video conference or telephone call. Remote working is the norm for the IRDG team, so we are very comfortable with this way of working. Customised one-to-one support is a valuable and unique part of IRDG’s service to members, and we encourage you and your teams to maximise it.
  • Regretfully, our events will be postponed for the moment as a precautionary measure.  Our two 4-day programmes, Design Thinking and Lean Product Development, which are currently mid-stream, will be completed via a mix of online and deferred delivery to be advised directly to participants. With people typically coming together from all corners of the country at IRDG events, we are very conscious about protecting your employees and families.  We will resume events as soon as it is sensible to do so. 
  • We will instead bring you interesting and value-added content via webinars, online communications and other means, and will have more on that over the coming period.    
  • We plan to augment our Autumn schedule of events (pandemic permitting), including an extended two-day Annual Innovation Conference on 20th / 21st October at the Heritage, Killenard, Co. Laois which will cover many of the postponed topics from the Spring.
  • Our Members Question Time is available to any member company who faces challenges or problems and would like to leverage the diverse knowledge of the IRDG network at any time.
  • Behind the scenes, we will continue our work with the Government Departments, State Agencies and other bodies as we communicate the industry voice and influence the national agenda so that relevant programmes are fit for purpose when it comes to supporting your R,D&I needs going forward.

While the weeks ahead are uncertain, the focus on research, development and innovation needs to remain top of mind to drive opportunities and any necessary recovery afterwards.  We will be continuing our efforts in this area and encourage you to reach out to us at any time.   

We would be delighted to hear from you with any questions or suggestions.

Very best regards,


Our team’s contact details for your reference are as follows: 


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