IRDG part of Revenue’s New R&D Discussion Group

Representation – IRDG will be your voice at the Revenue table on key R&D Tax Credits / KDB issues

We are pleased to share that IRDG has been invited to be a core member of a new R&D Discussion / Advisory Group which Revenue has just announced.  This is a very welcome, open and positive step forward on behalf of Revenue, and we are delighted to be part of it.

Speaking at our R&D Tax Credit and KDB Seminar on Thursday last, 9th March, Áine Hollingsworth, Head of R&D Tax Incentives at Revenue, said the focus of this R&D Discussion Group would be on the administrative aspects of the R&D Tax Credit and KDB and that it aims to bring greater certainty to companies availing of the incentives.  It will work through the discussion on administration of the incentives on a sector by sector basis.

Revenue Terms of Reference are as follows:

  • To bring greater certainty to the administration of the R&D tax credit and the KDB
  • To provide a two-way forum for Revenue, taxpayers and representative organisations to raise and address issues affecting the administration of the R&D tax credit and the KDB
  • To ensure progress is communicated by all members of the Discussion Group through the various channels available to them.

Sector-Specific Guidance – Starting Point is Food / Beverage sector

The Group will commence in the coming weeks, and Revenue have decided to start with the Food / Beverage sector, on the basis that this sector should present some common ground of understanding, therefore progressing the discussions with pace at an early stage.

Invitation to Food /Beverage members to Contribute

As such, we are now starting to reach out to all members in the Food / Beverage sector to invite them to join an internal IRDG Working Group to formulate the input from IRDG and / or to share their suggestions on the tax incentives administration – based around experiences, challenges, ideas for improvement.  We will collate all the input and put forward a representative IRDG position.   We will do likewise with other sectors as the R&D Discussion Group progresses over time.

We will keep you posted on the progress with this Group as it gets underway.

Any queries can be referred to Mary Byrne, Membership Development & Communications Manager – mary.byrne@irdg.ie

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