IRDG Members get started on Design Thinking

We had a great start to our Design Thinking Masterclass this week! On Wednesday, 25th February, 45 people from across 15 different member companies gathered in SAP’s AppHaus at Citywest Dublin. The team from Design Innovation Maynooth (Frank Devitt, Peter Robbins, Trevor Vaugh and Martin Ryan) guided us through Design Thinking and some key templates, before breaking it to us gently about the ‘homework’ for each business project, to be delivered when we get to Medtronic in March!

It was a privilege to be joined in the afternoon by Sam Yen, Chief Design Officer with SAP. Sam has an exemplary record in this field and is highly involved in the d.School at Stanford too. His talk was really engaging and insightful, and clearly showed how Design Thinking contributes to a business on some many levels. According to Sam, true innovation comes from finding the right problem.  Innovation  =  creativity  x  execution. Design Thinking requires deep empathy, a real understanding of your users / consumers, and you should always consider the extremes during the process. And, the more frequently you can execute the Design Thinking process during the project the better, as the learning is rapid and iterative, and delivers a stronger project result.



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