IRDG Members’ Exchange

IRDG proactively supports members to leverage the connections, information and business development opportunities within the network.  We’ve been doing this on a one-to-one basis for a long time.  Now, in response to growing demand from members we are launching a new, structured, service as a means of openly helping members make connections, seek partners, create opportunities together and do better business.    

What is “Members Exchange

It’s a facilitated mechanism to match demand and supply around business development, innovation opportunities and information requests.  We’re aiming to share details of products, services, business requests, technology offers and technology requests.  Information can be shared anonymously or not, depending on the nature of it.  

Request for Assembly Partner by Swiss company 

A Swiss company has an antibody based covid-19 screening test, a CE approved IgM and IgG diagnostic kit that requires assembly and packaging. They are looking for a partner to host the assembly line in a regulated environment. They plan to assemble 200,000 per day and ideally to have packing 5 lines in operation.  The initial 3-stage operation, including vacuum packing, will require ISO 7 / Class 10,000 clean room conditions.  All consumable items, as well as some specialist machinery, required for the assembly will be free issued.  

Once vacuum packed, the items are free to be transferred out of the clean room environment. The final assembly consists of boxing the vacuum-packed units with a buffer solution, a sterile swab, a finger pricking device etc. The boxes are then assembled into packs of 10 for final distribution packaging. 

>>>Please let me know if this is of interest and we will connect you with the company.   

Offer – Stay Visible – Free Video SEO for IRDG members 

VideoRankMe have been in touch to invite fellow members to benefit from a free initiative they’re running called Stay Visible: https://www.stayvisible.video/ 

It’s a helpful free business resource for businesses trying to stay visible online with some nice video ranking benefits. If people add their business details, they’ll be added to the business directory and receive a custom-built YouTube video, which can be used to help market whatever message they like.  Stay Visible is using VideoRankMe’s technology, as attached.  

>>>Visit VideoRankMe – or we can introduce you to Aisling Quinn, Director of Sales & Marketing.  

Offer – Remote Access to Monitor & Manage Site Equipment 24/7 

Given the current covid-19 situation where limitations around onsite access by external contractors / maintenance companies is a reality we may face for some time, Fijowave products may be of interest.  

Fijoport’ allows customers to remotely access key sites in order to monitor and manage equipment on a 24/7 basis. This is achieved securely and cost-effectively by creating private network connectivity over the public internet via wired broadband or 3G/4G/LTE.   The key application is primarily to allow support engineers (whether they be the company’s own or their equipment suppliers support engineers) remote access to equipment for the purpose of monitoring, re configuration, software upgrades etc.  Versions of the product are available for both Office and Industrial / Manufacturing environments – details on this link.   

>>>Visit Fijowave – or we can introduce you to Michael O’Keeffe, CEO 

Offer – Real Time Temperature Monitoring  

Introducing Kelsius who provide real time temperature monitoring for both the food service and healthcare industries.  They have a number of solutions available which may be of interest to members in these areas:  

  • FoodCheck 2.0 – A Digital HACCP Management system that removes paper, prevents error and falsification, drives standards and protects your brand and organisation. 
  • CoolCheck – Automated Temperature Monitoring System that reduces labour, removes the risk of lost product and optimises costs and quality for your business.  

>>>Visit Kelsius – or we can introduce you to Ciaran Gallagher- Sales & Marketing Manager.