IRDG Lean Product Development Workshops

1. Overview & Introductory Workshop – 14th May
2. Deep-dive Applied Workshop – 15th May

Facilitated by Ronald Mascitelli, President of Technology Perspectives (USA)
and taking place at the IMI, Dublin

Full details for each workshop available in the flyer on this link.

  • Prompt booking is advisable as places are very limited.
  • Separate booking windows for each workshop are below.  Invoicing can be facilitated for multiple bookings – please contact Mary Byrne – 087 6501215 or mary.byrne@irdg.ie

The Lean Product Development approach focuses on the elimination of waste in all facets of the innovation process, from the initial selection and prioritisation of development projects, right through to the commercialisation of every new product.  These workshops provide practical, step-by-step methodologies to apply in your business.

  • Integrate the powerful waste-eliminating tools of lean product development into any innovation process.
  • Learning can be applied to all types of products, in manufacturing and service environments, at all stages of business maturity.
  • Workshops suitable for those in leadership and managerial roles who work cross-functionally on Product, Process and Service Development, e.g. roles in R&D, Technical, Design, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Engineering etc.
  • Recommended that companies send a number of participants if possible.

Participants of each workshop will get:

  • The insight and unique experience of this leading international expert on this specialised topic.
  • Comprehensive hardback folder with all of Ron’s workshop slides for note-taking.
  • Complimentary copy of Ron’s latest book “Mastering Lean Product Development”.
  • Post Workshop: Exclusive opportunity to follow up with Ron via an in-depth webinar in June to discuss progress, ask questions and help put the learning into practice.

1. Overview & Introductory Workshop

This one-day workshop will provide an overview of the application of Lean principles in the Product Development / Innovation environment. It will also provide an introduction to some of the tools and techniques developed and applied in companies worldwide by Ron Mascitelli. This will allow participants to gain a sense of the value of LPD to their business and trial some techniques.

Note: No previous knowledge or understanding of Lean is required. This workshop is a repeat of those which took place in May 2013.


2. Deep-dive Applied Workshop

This one-day workshop will give participants the take their Lean Product Development knowledge a step-further and to experiment with the tools and techniques of Ron Mascitelli. Working through real-life examples, participants can experiment with the techniques and gain a really deep-understanding of how they are applied. As a result, participants will have enough knowledge to begin to rollout an LPD programme in their company.

Note: Whilst the ‘Overview & Introductory Workshop’ is not a pre-requisite to this ‘Deep-dive Applied Workshop’, it does provide a very useful context and understanding of LPD. This is particularly important to ensure those implementing LPD appreciate its scope and potential. A level of understanding of Lean in this context will be assumed by the facilitator.







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