IRDG Calendar of Events 2016

IRDG Public Events Line-up 2016

As part of a range of services to IRDG members, IRDG organises events focused on key Research & Innovation topics in venues right across Ireland throughout the year. Events are geared around the needs and interests of IRDG member companies as they grow and strengthen their innovation capability.

2016 will see us visit key themes in areas of Funding, R&D Tax Credits, Knowledge Development Box, Collaboration, Design Thinking, Lean Innovation, Smart Everything and more.  We are once again looking forward to a diverse range of events, adopting different formats and bringing to you renowned experts, domestic and international, across different fields.

IRDG events are well known for their high quality, business relevance and focused discussion.  Non-Members are also welcome to attend on occasion when events are open to the public.  Hear what guests said previously about their experiences in Networking and Learning with IRDG.

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