The technology transfer programme, FUSION, is a Business Academic Graduate Partnership.  It is an all-island programme which enables you and your university or college to work in partnership with businesses to support innovation and increase capability through knowledge and technology transfer.

HOW DOES IT WORK: A FUSION project is initiated by a company with a particular technological need requiring the support and expertise of a third level institute;  an InterTradeIreland appointed consultant will assist the company to identify the necessary expertise from an appropriate university or college; on agreement with both the company and the university/college, a partnership is formed

ACTIVITIES: Graduate Opportunities:

  • fast track your career:
  • lead an industry based project;
  • develop your skills with a fully-funded post-grad diploma in management;
  • as a graduate, FUSION can provide you with a real opportunity to significantly improve your career prospects coupled with an attractive salary and training package;
  • you will be employed by a progressive company as a project manager to lead a specific technology-based development project;
  • you will be provided with full support from a specialist university, college or research centre;
  • you will gain access to top research and development facilities within the university or college;
  • receive ongoing support from a leading academic with expertise in the relevant subject area, and support from a FUSION consultant representing InterTradeIreland who will oversee the management of the programme.

ELIGIBILITY: Academics from third-level institutes and research centres must be:

  • on the island, either Northern Ireland or Ireland;
  • with the necessary expertise required by a partner company;
  • which understand the value of effective technology and knowledge transfer into companies;
  • have the capacity to develop and sustain effective cross-border partnerships with companies;
  • with the appropriate knowledge and experience to meet the objectives of the project.


  • located on the island of Ireland (North or South);
  • financially viable;
  • able to demonstrate the need for InterTradeIreland FUSION support;
  • demonstrate the capacity and commitment to support the project at a senior management level.

NOTE: as this is an all-island programme, the third-level institution which you are partnered with must be based in the opposite jurisdiction to your business.

FUNDING: A support package worth £15,500/€17,425 for twelve month projects is available to third-level institutions.