Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Workshop, Jan 24th

One of our early events of 2019 will be a one-day workshop on the very important subject of Intellectual Property.  It takes place at the Red Cow Moran Hotel on January 24th, and will be facilitated by John P. Mc Manus, IP Specialist.  

New technologies, products & processes arising from Research & Innovation activities provide businesses with valuable assets in the form of Intellectual Property (IP). Optimising your assets to create growth & provide new business opportunities requires understanding of the different forms of IP and how to capture, secure and manage them. The following topics will be covered during the day, coupled with case study application to improve the learning:

• Intellectual Property & Patents
• IP Strategy
• Creating Value from an IP Strategy
• Managing IP
• Creating Strategic Business Advantage from IP

Further details and booking are available on this link. 

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