Innovation Practice Group Visit to Bord na Móna

During 2016 IRDG will be continuing its Innovation Practice Group visits to interesting member companies who are keen to share their innovation story. These best practice visits are a great way to network and learn how your fellow IRDG members organise and execute their innovation agendas.  Book your place below. 

IRDG Innovation Practice Group Visit to Bord na Móna

Bord na Móna has very kindly extended an invitation to IRDG members to learn from their Innovation Story and visit the Mount Lucas Wind farm on the 23rd February next. Bord na Móna is in a highly innovative company, in a period of transformative change.

The company has focused on developing it’s innovation capabilities, leveraging key supports and external expertise, and is pleased to give members the opportunity to learn from their experiences.

[IRDG reserves the right to limit the number of attendees per company so as to be able to accommodate as many member companies as possible.]


About Innovation at Bord na Móna

The overall sustainable Innovations strategy is to transform Bord na Móna from being dependent on its traditional Peat based businesses to one that, among other things, produces low Carbon fuel and alternative growing media, with a strong emphasis on renewable energy.

For the last eight decades Bord na Móna has underpinned Ireland’s energy security by supplying peat from Irish bogs to power stations. It is now entering into a new energy generation era, leveraging its core strengths to generate renewable energy on its extensive land holdings. One such venture is the wind farm at Mount Lucas. The recent announcement that in 2030 Bord na Móna will complete the transition from energy peat into new sustainable businesses is the biggest change of use involving Irish land in modern history.

The Mount Lucas Wind Farm is the company’s landmark renewable energy development. It was commissioned in 2014 on 1,200 hectares of cutaway peatlands near Daingean, Co. Offaly. The windfarms 28 turbines generate 84MW of electricity, enough to power 45,000 homes. (Mount Lucas info).

Meeting Place: Johnstown House Hotel, Enfield, Co. Meath (on the M4)

Outline Agenda
09.30 Arrival, Tea, Coffee and Refreshments at Johnstown House Hotel, Enfield
10.00 Welcome address by Bord na Móna CEO, Mike Quinn
10.15 Bord na Móna’s Ongoing Transformation, Hugh Henry, Director of Innovation
10.35 Bord na Móna’s Energy Challenges and how we are meeting them
10.50 Bord na Móna, a traditional Irish brand – Innovation and Marketing
11.15 Bus transfer and field trip to Mount Lucas Windfarm
13.30 Transfer back to hotel for lunch
14.30 Close – Hugh Henry