Innovation Practice Group Visit to Fexco – a leader in global financial services

Update – 9th March 2020 – The Fexco Management team are implementing visitor restrictions to all Fexco Buildings due to Covid19.  As a result, this visit is being postponed to a later date.  More details as available.

Our next Innovation Practice Group visit of 2020 brings us to one of Ireland’s newest regional Research, Development & Innovation Hubs in Killorglin, Co. Kerry.  Fexco, an Irish indigenous business which has become a global leader in financial services, is a company which has made superb strides with their innovation agenda and is delighted to share their insights with members from across the IRDG Innovation Network.  This visit will benefit innovation leaders from all industries who are interested in cross-sectoral learning and sharing of R,D&I experiences and practices.

Thursday, 19th March, from 9.30am to 2.00pm, Killorglin, Co. Kerry

Fexco – www.fexco.com

Now employing over 2500 employees across 29 countries, Fexco has just recently opened this new building which will house its own Research Development and Innovation Centre.  It is co-located with the RDI Hub – a world-class centre for digital innovation focused on the commercialisation of innovation and research which is backed by Fexco, IT Tralee and Kerry County Council.  Fexco has invested over €21m in the project and you can read more about it here.   

Founded in 1981, Fexco’s business is in the area of financial services.  Technology is significantly transforming and disrupting the financial services ecosystem, and the company invests heavily to develop and deliver the best solutions for their customers. The company also proactively embraces collaboration with industry, HEIs and the Public Sector to facilitate both continuous innovation and their long-term strategy.   

This is a great opportunity for business leaders across all sectors to benefit from the experience and insights of a company who has really grown and developed their innovation agenda over recent years.  The event also facilitates the forging of connections and networking right across our diverse business community.     

Key agenda items which will provide insights for your business:  

  • Understanding Fexco’s innovation journey from a finance perspective – shared learnings from key milestones. 
  • Innovation opportunities, challenges and building an innovation culture.   
  • Overcoming Fexco’s innovation barriers – understanding their 5 pillars, and how they frame the future through lenses and radars. 
  • The strategic importance of RD&I Collaboration and how Fexco manages interesting partnerships and strategic alliances to futureproof the company, markets and region. 
  • The value of a dedicated RD&I resource.  
  • The RDI Hub – a world-class centre for digital innovation focused on commercialisation of innovation and research. 
  • Tour of facilities experiencing the digital town  the physical spaces and layout, diversity of capabilities, economic paths and employment types throughout the company and the impact on the town. 

See some insight to life at Fexco here:


We are extremely grateful to Fexco for hosting this Innovation Practice Group visit, and would be delighted to see you there.  


This visit is exclusively organised for IRDG members, and capacity is limited. Please only book to attend if you are definite you can do so. Maximum two people per company initially (this may need to be reduced to one person if demand exceeds availability).

Note: A waiting list will be in operation once any available places have been booked, so please do join that if you wish to attend and we will come back to you if cancellations arise.  Contact Mary Byrne for any assistance – mary.byrne@irdg.ie