Innovation Practice Group visit to ding*

Join us on the 19th February in Dublin to hear about Innovation at IRDG Members ding* from their COO, CTO, Head of Online Marketing and Customer Analytics Manager.

Once again this Innovation Practice Group visit will be a great opportunity for you and your colleagues to learn from a superb Irish organisation, only founded in 2006, and to see how entrepreneurship, innovation and sheer hard work can lead to global success.

Introducing ding*https://www.ding.com/

ding*’s HQ, which employs 150 people in Dublin, and 50 more overseas, is the epicenter of a global mobile payments business that processes €200m a year worth of payments. Founded in 2006, this Irish success story, with employees from 25 countries, and a very entrepreneurial culture, is fast becoming one of Ireland’s leading technology multinationals.

ding* enables people – mostly in emerging markets – to send each other value in the form of phone credit across the world within three seconds. A giant LCD screen on the company’s walls shows payments going from Mexico to Cuba, from Dubai to Nepal, from the UK to Russia and vice versa.

ding* is a pioneer in the International mobile top-up industry having built a network of over 300 operators in 123 countries. The founder and CEO of Ding*, Mark Roden, was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2014 and will go on to represent Ireland at the World Awards in June of this year. His story of the establishment, growth and continued innovation to create one of Ireland’s leading technology multinationals is inspiring and full of learning.

Innovation at ding* is all about problem solving around customer issues and limitations in the infrastructure of other mobile operators. They are currently collaborating with the Insight Centre for Data Analytics in UCD on a project to estimate customer lifetime values more accurately, applying data mining and machine learning techniques. They see this collaborative approach as a key resource to inform future activity in the company.

Please note: There is a very limited number of places available on this visit. Booking will open at 2 places per company only to accommodate as many member companies as possible. Book early!



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