Virtual Innovation Practice Group Visit with Pramerica

Pramerica will host our first online Innovation Practice Group session.  Innovation Practice Groups are always extremely popular with members as they provide the chance to experience innovation in another business, and through different lenses.  This virtual event allows us to continue to bring the benefits of these sessions to innovation leaders from all industries who are interested in cross-sectoral learning and sharing of R,D&I experiences and practices.  The group size is small to facilitate exchange, discussion and networking.

Tuesday, 8th September – 10.00am to 12.30pm (Zoom)

Pramerica – www.pramerica.com

Pramerica Systems Ireland Ltd. is a fully owned subsidiary of Prudential Financial, Inc. a Fortune 100 Financial Services company headquartered in Newark, NJ. Pramerica provides both Professional Business Services and Software Development support to its parent company from Letterkenny in Donegal. Pramerica has grown to more than 1500 staff as part of its 20 year journey in the North West.

If you are interested in hearing more about what Pramerica does, how they provide services to their parent company across 40+ different capabilities with a strong emphasis on intrapreneurial thinking and innovation, then this is the virtual site visit for you.

You will hear from the Pramerica Wave Lab team on how they built an onsite innovation group, the operating model they use and how they deliver innovation value for the business in areas such as Innovation Services and Emerging Technology. This will be an interactive session where Q&A will be very welcome.  

We are extremely grateful to Pramerica for hosting this Innovation Practice Group session, and would be delighted to have you participate.    


This visit is exclusively organised for IRDG members. Please only book to attend if you are definite you can do so.  Numbers are limited to a small group to facilitate effective online discussions.  

Note: A waiting list will be in operation once any available places have been booked, so please do join that if you wish to attend and we will come back to you if cancellations arise.  Contact Mary Byrne for any assistance – mary.byrne@irdg.ie