Richard Keenan & Co.

Innovation Practice Group – Keenans, Carlow

Members-only Innovation Practice Group visit to Richard Keenans in Carlow.

Thursday, 24th October 2013

This Innovation Practice Group visit presents a unique opportunity to see innovation in practice in this very successful Irish company operating in the agricultural sector.

Keenan’s manufacture the world’s most advanced mixer wagons which produce the patented Mech-fiber mix. The unique paddle design of the mixer wagon gently tumbles and accurately chops the feed while maintaining the physical characteristics to create the open Mech-fiber mix which has been acknowledged around the world to improve performance of both dairy and beef animals. Building on this engineering technology Keenan’s have developed PACE to help farmers present a controlled and consistent mix to the livestock every time. Keenan’s have also developed a nutrition program called the Keenan Mech-fiber System. Research from over 500 herds in the UK and France have shown a 5% improvement in feed efficiency after 90 days and a 10% improvement after 365 days using the Keenan Mech-fiber System.

Richard Keenan and Co was established in 1978 in Borris, County Carlow, Ireland. The company has 90% of sales in export markets, over 25,000 customers in 40 countries, employs 250 people, an annual turnover of €50 million and a scientific advisory board of leading scientists in agriculture and food from the USA, Europe and Australia.

Further information on the company is available on their website: www.keenansystem.com

IRDG’s Innovation Practice Group Visit

The visit will focus on the development of new technologies and innovation at Keenans, their significant achievements in the application of lean to their business, and a plant tour.  A maximum of 20 people can participate, and there will be ample opportunity for discussion, learning and networking.

Please note: it may be necessary to limit the guests per company to accommodate as many different companies as possible.  Book early to avoid disappointment. 


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