To create a real sense of community based on experience and excellence among IRDG members, the research community and the wider business network.

IRDG membership covers a broad range of manufacturing and service companies, ranging in size from 2 to 2,500 employees. It is also relatively evenly split between indigenous and multi-national operations. This breadth of membership provides an invaluable resource for members to share best practices, experiences and problem solve, not only within their own sector, but across a variety of sectors and perspectives.

IRDG thinking around innovation and R&D is not restricted to the ‘men in white coats’. Innovation is happening across all business disciplines, and the IRDG focus in our innovation networking events is to facilitate and promote just that. It also means that employees with a contribution to R&D at all levels within the organisation are welcome to participate in IRDG activities and be supported with advice and guidance.

IRDG activities include dedicated members-only events involving site visits, expert speakers and facilitated sessions on key topics. Members also have access to our LinkedIn group, where members, on a daily basis, can network, problem solve and collaborate on areas of special interest to them.

IRDG Design Thinking Conference 2014

IRDG operates a nationwide Innovation Network providing a networking forum for R&D practicing companies to meet and discuss issues of common interest. Seminars and events provide the opportunity to address a range of topics and present case studies demonstrating new thinking and real commercial application of research and innovation in Ireland.

The events are held regionally and usually centre on a topic presented by a keynote speaker or speakers followed by a wider discussion. These events serve as a valuable forum for IRDG members, prospective members and academics to discuss common issues.

This forum also helps to keep R&D high on the agenda and continuously elevate its importance as a strategic growth driver within the smart economy.

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