Innovation Capability Maturity Model

One-day Workshop, 16th April

IMI Dublin – 9.30am to 4pm

Close to 98% of all innovation attempts end in failure. Knowing and understanding your organisation’s innovation capability is a key component to success.

Repeatable innovation success, the best organisations have discovered, demands a structured journey of capability development. A journey, furthermore, that necessarily occurs in a number of distinct, unavoidable stages. What stage are you at? Are you Seeding – Championing – Managing – Strategising – Venturing? You’ll find out and learn how to undertake a structured journey of capability development in this one-day workshop with Darrell Mann.

Innovation capabilities of most organisations are ill-matched to the prevailing market needs. Significantly increase innovation success rate and resource utilisation effectiveness by learning about the INNOVATION CAPABILITY MATURITY MODEL: Building Organisational Innovation Processes.

Highly practical model to help businesses introduce and utilise the appropriate innovation tools, methods and strategies at the right time and in the right context.

Where on the ICMM spectrum below is your business?

ICMM model

Learn where you are now, where you need to get to, and most importantly, how?

Practical, hands-on workshop. Darrell will also be joined by Benjamin Forde of Network Rail (UK) for a case study on their ICMM journey, and Damian Costello of Decode Innovation.

For more information and context on ICMM visit this link.

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