Go Atlantic Blue, 7th to 10th June 2019

Go Atlantic Blue, 7th to 10th June 2019

A news items that may fit within your Corporate Social Responsibility agenda and emanates from the ongoing research in the marine area.

Over the weekend of June 7-10 World’s Oceans Day will be celebrated worldwide.  A special national initiative entitled “Go Atlantic Blue” has been launched which is inviting businesses to ‘go blue’ over this period.  We are pleased to support our members, the Marine Institute, in their efforts to pilot the ‘Blue-ing’ in Ireland, with the intent to make this go European-wide and global in 2020.  

Learn more about the Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance in this short video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uktwQre4O2M&t=1s 

The objective of this special weekend is to celebrate the Atlantic Ocean and everything that it means to us here in Ireland.  We have a deep connection with the Atlantic, whether it’s all the enjoyment it provides us in our leisure pursuits and awe at it’s majesty, as a source of employment or raw materials, or as the provider of the many key ingredients and tasty bites we savour. 

IRDG member companies may wish to celebrate their connection with the Atlantic Ocean over this weekend.  The Department of Foreign Affairs is recruiting many OPW iconic buildings, Cork city & the Port of Cork are involved, the Commissioners of Irish Lights are lighting up two of the Great Lighthouses of Ireland, schools are being approached, and several companies are already signed up.   

Some of those signed up are bringing in special blue lighting but others are simply placing a blue filter over their external lighting, others again are wrapping deep blue fairy lights around their company logo and taking a photo of that to share with their different key messages throughout the day.  Some are being even more creative and lighting up an aquarium tank in blue….so many ways to light up in blue. 

 If your business would like to take part in this special initiative and need more information, please feel free to contact Margaret Rae at the Marine Institute.  Details as follows:   

Dr. Margaret Rae, Director 
Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance Co-ordination & Support Action | Marine Institute | Rinville |Oranmore | Co. Galway | H91 R673
Website: www.atlanticresource.org
Tel: +353 91 38 7200 | Direct line: + 353 91 38 7515 | Mobile: +353 87 196 1257 

We hope you might like to support this highly visible, impactful endeavour.  Something small is all it takes.  


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