Intellectual Property in your Business, Dublin Mar 2018

Funding & Collaboration for Business Innovation, Cork Feb 2018

Design Thinking Masterclass Finale, Dec 2017

Leading Innovation for Business Growth, Oct 2017

Smart Connected Devices series at Dell EMC, Sept 2017

R&D Tax Credit and KDB Seminar, Limerick 2017

IRDG hosts Kellogg Innovation Network, Galway, Sept 2017

Innovation Practice Group visit to Silver Hill Foods, Aug 2017

IRDG Design Thinking Ireland 2017

Smart Connected Devices Series, DCU Alpha, Jun 2017

Design Thinking Masterclass Finale, Jun 2017

Lean Product Development programme finale - May 2017

Financing & Driving Innovation, Dublin May 2017

IRDG Design Thinking Masterclass at IBM, 10 May 2017

Design Thinking Masterclass at IBM, May 2017

Innovation Practice Group visit to Dairymaster, May 2017

Innovation Practice Group visit to Dairymaster, May 2017

Smart Connected Devices Series at Flex, Cork Mar 2017

R&D Tax Credits & KDB Seminar, Dublin Mar 2017

Lean Product Development Programme, Feb 2017

Funding & Expertise for Research & Innovation, Galway, Feb 2017

Design Thinking Masterclass Finale, Dec 2016

Innovation Practice Group visit to An Post, Nov 2016

Lean Product Development with Ron Mascitelli, Sept 2016

IRDG Unleashing the Power of Innovation, Oct 2016

Innovation Practice Group visit to Henkel, Oct 2016

Design Thinking Masterclass, Autumn 2016

KDB & R&D Tax Credits Seminar Dublin Sept 2016

Innovation Practice Group visit to TE Laboratories, June 2016

Design Thinking for Innovation & Business Growth, RHK Dublin 1-2 Jun 2016

Knowledge Development Box, Cork, 21st April

Innovation Practice Group visit to Intel, April 2016

Design Thinking Masterclass at Design Partners, Day 3 of 4, Spring 2016

Collaborate to Innovate, Cork April 2016

Design Thinking MasterClass, Session 2 at Medtronic, Mar 2016

Research & Innovation Conference & Exhibition, Croke Park, Mar 2016

Innovation Practice Group visit to Bord na Móna, Feb 2016

Design Thinking Masterclass, Day 1 of 4, Spring 2016

Knowledge Development Box Seminar, Dublin, Feb 2016

Design Thinking MasterClass in Dell, Dec 2015

Innovating for Smart Everything - Annual Conference, Nov 2015

Innovation Practice Group visit to Glen Dimplex, Oct 2015

Lean Innovation Summit, Dublin Sept 2015

R&D Tax Credits Limerick Sept 2015

Design Thinking Masterclass, Sept 2015

Collaborate to Innovate, Galway, June 2015

Design Thinking Masterclass, 4 of 4, Dell, May 2015

Jeanne Liedtka on Design Thinking for Business Growth

Innovation Practice Group to Wisetek, Cork April 2015

Innovation Capability Maturity Model (ICMM) Workshop, Darrell Mann

Design Thinking Masterclass 2 of 4, Medtronic, Mar 2015

R&D Tax Credits & Knowledge Development Box, Mar 2015

Design Thinking Masterclass 1 of 4, SAP, Feb 2015

Innovate Ireland Conf, 24th Feb, Aviva

ding* Innovation Practice Group Visit, Feb 2015

Innovation Practice Group - EirGen, Q1 Scientific & WIT

Intellectual Property, Dublin Nov 2014

Design Thinking Conference, Oct 2014, Dublin

R&D Tax Credits Seminar, Cork Sept 2014

Collaborate to Innovate, Dublin June 2014

Irish Distillers - Innovation Practice Group June 2014

DT Dell Visit

Lean Innovation Conference, Thomond Park, May 2014

Systematic Innovation Workshop, April 2014

R&D Tax Credit Audit Readiness, Feb 2014

Alltech Feb 2014 - Innovation Practice Group

Innovation Practice Group visit to AMBER, Dec 2013

Horizon 2020 for SMEs, Limerick Nov 2013

Marie Curie Actions & Euraxess, Dublin Nov 2013

Keenan Systems - Innovation Practice Group Oct 2013

Master Class in Creating Innovation, Dublin 8th Oct 2013

IRDG Meets An Taoiseach, Oct 2013

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