Future-Proofing Enterprise – Industry Trends Analysis with Darrell Mann

This one-day event is all about gaining a hands-on insight into just how predictable the future of any enterprise is. Generation of patentable solutions guaranteed!  

We’re living in a changing age, facing new and disruptive technologies across all sectors of industries.  As companies look to develop and stay relevant for the future, it’s imperative to have an eye to the technological, scientific and industry trends well ahead of their impact.  And to have a systematic way to achieve that.

In that context, we’re delighted to bring you Darrell Mann, recognised as one of the world’s most prolific inventors, together with Jim Kenneally, Director, Research & Market Intelligence, Intel and Cathal Lane, Managing Partner Tomkins IP for a unique session.  You’ll get best practice insights from practitioners and their experiences working with leading edge companies across the world. 

Darrell says; “Never trust anyone that tells you they can predict the future. Economists and futurologists make up the two most dysfunctional disciplines on the planet. Both, as it turns out, are victims of the Four Fallacies. When we eliminate the effects of those fallacies, we find that some parts of the future prediction story are very predictable indeed. Knowing where technologies will evolve is a part of the story that turns out to be 100% predictable. And the thing that allows companies like Samsung to be generating 200 patents per week.

The part of the future story that is much less predictable is knowing when technology shifts will occur. On the one hand, if we know where things are going and we patent the solutions, the when question becomes far less important – if we own the solution, we get to control if or when we deploy it. On the other hand, ten million case-study analyses tells us that, once we understand the dynamics of complex adaptive systems and are able to reduce market behaviours down to first principles, we can also do a reliable job of mapping the timing of likely market shifts.

Content will include:

> 20/20 Foresight: Technology & Market Trend Mapping to Future-proof Enterprise by Darrell Mann, CEO & Technical Director, Systematic Innovation

  • 20/20 Foresight: Taking the Risk out of Technology Trend Mapping
  • Hands-on 20/20 technology fore-sighting workshop (accurate mapping of whatever technology domain delegates wish to bring along to the day)
  • Hands-On 20/20 innovation timing foresight workshop (accurate mapping of changing market needs – again, delegates are free to bring along whatever topic areas they wish to explore)
  • Putting It All Together – technology-map + market-map + IP = future-proof enterprise

> Increase your organisation’s R&D impact with data-driven market intelligence (MI) by Jim Kenneally, Director, Research & Market Intelligence, Intel

How to generate actionable insights across scientific, technology and industry trends using effective organisational practices and AI-powered tools.  Topics covered will include

  • Defining the MI goals & objectives
  • Understanding the MI pipeline
  • Useful MI approaches, tools & data sources
  • Turning MI into corporate action

> The patent landscape – overview, trends, digging deeper, finding and understanding what is relevant to you by Cathal Lane, Managing Partner, Tomkins IP

Come find out what you have been missing – who is filing patents, what they file for and where they file and how to focus on the stuff you care about.

Event Details

This unique event will take place at the Keadeen Hotel, Newbridge, Co. Kildare on Wednesday 12th June from 9.00am to 4.00pm.  Booking is available at the bottom of this window.  

About the Speakers

> Darrell Mann, CEO & Technical Director, Systematic Innovation

Darrell spent the first fifteen years of his career working as a systems engineer in the military aerospace industry, ultimately becoming Chief Engineer responsible for the company’s R&D strategy, where he developed a variety of trend forecasting tools and methods to meaningfully define the unspoken needs of customers 30 to 40 years into the future.

He left the company in 1996 to first help set up a high technology company spin-out from Imperial College, London, before entering a programme of systematic innovation research at the University of Bath. He first started using Systematic Innovation in 1992, and by the time he left Rolls-Royce had generated over a dozen patents and patent applications. In 1998 he started
teaching systematic innovation methods to both technical and business audiences, and to date has given workshops to over 16,000 delegates across a broad spectrum of industries and disciplines. He continues actively use and develop the Systematic Innovation methodology, with the help of 30 full-time research staff. With over 800 systematic innovation-related papers and articles to his name, plus the best-selling ‘Hands-On Systematic Innovation’ and TrenDNA books, Darrell is now one of the most widely published authors on the innovation subject in the world. He is CEO of Systematic Innovation Ltd, a UK based innovation company with offices and affiliates in the US, India, Malaysia, Korea, China, Japan, Denmark, Turkey, Australia and Austria.

For the last 18 years he has helped many of the world’s top companies to create stronger IP, participating in the creation of over 500 inventions. Projects he has been involved in have resulted in the creation of several billion dollars of new value to clients. He also consults regularly in the IP strategy domain helping companies to secure their medium and long term future. Featured in Who’s Who in the World, Darrell is now recognised as one of the world’s most prolific inventors. He is a Visiting Professor at the Universities of Warwick and Buckingham in the UK, and Taylor’s University in Malaysia.

His consulting clients include Samsung, Tata, NHS, Network Rail, Intel, Procter & Gamble, GSK, Hilti, Arçelik, Jaguar Land-Rover, Petronas, GE, Axiata, and a host of Government agencies around the world. His work involves a spectrum of applications from consumer insighting to trend-mapping to strategy development to IP creation to problem solving in both technical and non-technical areas.

> Jim Kenneally, Director, Research & Market Intelligence, Intel

Jim leads research and market intelligence for Intel Labs Europe (www.Intel.com), enabling stakeholders comprehend scientific, technological, application, and market (STAM) trends for strategic R&D planning, partnership collaborations and corporate strategy. Additionally, Jim is an industry elected Board of Director at the Big Data Value Association (www.BDVA.eu), an industry-driven international not–for-profit organisation providing input to the European Commission’s funding of research topics across Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Jim has 20+ years operating in the high-tech multinational and financial services’ sectors, helping organisations innovate with emerging technologies and organisational best-practices to realise business value. Jim has co-published books and papers on topics of business innovation, digital transformation and technology effectiveness.

> Cathal Lane, Managing Partner, Tomkins IP

Cathal joined Tomkins in 1994, and is now Managing Partner. Cathal’s practice concentrates on helping clients realise new opportunities by leveraging IP. He has acted for some of the world’s leading companies, universities, semi-state companies and SMEs in the pharmaceutical, medical devices, machinery, composite materials and adhesive sectors.

Cathal adopts a multi-disciplinary approach to intellectual property and regularly works with clients’ tax advisors and lawyers in order to develop and execute business focused IP strategies. Cathal has an honours degree in Science, majoring in chemistry. Coupled with an agricultural background, a lot of his work has spanned from pharmaceutical/biomedical to machinery. Cathal worked for Bristol Myers Squibb before joining Tomkins.

Cathal has acted for and advised many well-known (and not so well known entities) including Henkel, GSK, NUIG, TCD, UCD, Nogra/Giuliani, Novartis, Coillte (SmartPly/Medite,) Tanco, Rexam, Kingspan, SMEs and private individuals. With a farming background, a mechanical mind and his life sciences, Cathal has dealt with many technologies: (electro)mechanics including agricultural machinery and control systems, medical devices including stents, valves, intravascular devices, composite materials, new molecules, new processes, formulation chemistry including pharmaceutical, drug delivery and polymer chemistry, electrochemical treatment and sensing, and has established patentability based on new applications of pre-existing molecules or formulations, and uses including the treatment of medical conditions/diseases, new physical properties including insulative properties, and/or product composition, food technology, packaging etc. One speciality is adhesive chemistry.


Places are limited so early booking is advised.  Any queries can be directed to Mary.Byrne@irdg.ie / 087-6501215.