Enterprise Ireland co-ordinates Ireland’s industrial and research participation in the programmes of the European Space Agency (ESA).  The European Space Agency promotes co-operation among European States in space research, technology and applications.

Enterprise Ireland’s role in relation to ESA is to assist Irish companies to successfully bid for ESA contracts. We provide a source of expertise for Irish companies in developing and executing space strategies, as well as being a point of reference for the international space industry when they want to identify relevant sources of space-related expertise within Ireland.

Ireland’s membership of ESA permits Irish companies and research teams to bid for ESA contract development work in a range of space programmes including;
1.    ESA mandatory programmes including the ESA General Budget and the Science Programme,
2.    ESA optional programmes in which Ireland participates:

•    Satellite Communications Programme (ARTES)
•    Satellite Navigation Programme (GALILEO, GNSS Evolution Programme)
•    Space Transportation Programmes (Ariane V Development Programme)
•    Future Launchers Preparatory Programme
•    Earth Observation Envelope Programme (EOEP)
•    General Support Technology Programme (GSTP)
•    Space Science Experiment Payloads (PRODEX)
•    Life and Physical Sciences Programme (ELIPS)

Irish industrial participation is primarily in the engineering, aerospace, software, electronics and telecommunications sectors. Opportunities also exist in developing products for the related ground segment systems as well as end user equipment, services and applications which utilise space based systems.

ELIGIBILITY: All companies in Ireland are eligible to respond to ESA tender opportunities pertaining to the ESA programmes in which Ireland participates. This information will be included in the tender documentation.

FUNDING: This depends on the scope of the procurement underway, but is limited by Ireland’s financial contribution to the specific ESA programme.