Under the Enterprise Ireland Environmentally Superior Products Initiative, companies may receive grant support for projects aimed at improving their environmental business performance. The aim of the Environmentally Superior Products Initiative is to support companies to undertake projects to:

•    Assess the potential for environmentally superior products within their existing or new product ranges.
•    Improve environmental and business performance.
•    Improve strategic capability through the exploitation of the green market for environmentally superior products.

Legal, market and economic developments are putting increasing demands and responsibilities on manufacturing companies to reduce the environmental impact of their products.  There is a range of factors that a company must consider when assessing the environmental impact of existing or new products including:

•    Demands from your upstream and downstream supply chain to improve the environmental performance of products.
•    Increasing waste disposal costs and the cost savings that environmental efficiencies can bring.
•    Increased demand from the green consumers.
•    EU legislation and producer responsibility schemes now require manufacturers to produce products (including packaging) with a reduced environmental impact.
•    Importance of product certification initiatives e.g. Eco-labels.

As a result of these developments, the market for environmentally superior products represents a significant business opportunity and a source of competitive advantage for Irish manufacturing companies.

ELIGIBILITY: The Environmentally Superior Products Initiative is open to all Enterprise Ireland clients or potential clients engaged in manufacturing activities.

FUNDING: Maximum grant under the Environmentally Superior Products Initiative is 50% of the eligible expenditure incurred.  Applications are considered on a case-by-case basis to assess eligibility of the detailed proposal and associated costs. The grant amount is determined following this assessment.

Receipt of other grants from Enterprise Ireland may impact on your eligibility for support under this initiative.  Any expenditure incurred prior to receipt of the application by the Enterprise Ireland Client Service Unit will not be eligible for grant aid.