The Enterprise Partnership Scheme is an innovative initiative through which the Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering and Technology (IRCSET) links with private enterprise and eligible public bodies to award co-funded postgraduate scholarships and postdoctoral fellowships to the most promising researchers in Ireland.

The Scheme offers researchers the opportunity to gain additional beneficial experience and insight into the commercial arena while completing their research. It provides industry with flexible and easy access to an exceptional pool of competitively selected, high calibre researchers and the opportunity to build links with relevant academic research groups. The Scheme facilitates the establishment of new relationships and the strengthening of existing relationships between industry and academia.

ELIGIBILITY: The Scheme is open to any company (with or without an Irish Base) with a research capacity and the following rules apply:

  • The enterprise partner must commit co-funding the scholarship or fellowship at a rate of one third for its duration.
  • The enterprise partner must accept that participation requires more than a financial input and has the capacity to provide professional guidance as well as access to experimental facilities or data.
  • The enterprise partner will nominate a research mentor to work with the research scholar and his/her academic supervisor, to offer advice and to create a link with the enterprise partner’s research efforts. Contact should be maintained between the research mentor and the research scholar throughout the duration of the scholarship as appropriate.
  • Where feasible the enterprise partner is encouraged to provide a placement period for the research scholar at its facilities as part of this scholarship. This will be agreed with IRCSET and the academic supervisor before the scholarship commences.
  • The enterprise partner must enter into a relationship with the academic research supervisor.
  • The enterprise partner accepts that all awards will be governed by IRCSET’s Scholarship/Fellowship Terms and Conditions.
  • The enterprise partner must commit to a research agreement, in particular relating to Intellectual Property and publishing) with the participating Higher Education Institute before a Scholarship/Fellowship offer is made.

FUNDING: Through the scheme postgraduate scholarship (MSc & PhD) and postdoctoral fellowship awards are co-funded by IRCSET and the participating enterprise partner.

IRCSET contributes two thirds to every award with the enterprise partner contributing the remaining one third amount.

MSc award total value: €24,003.00 (over 1 years)
Enterprise Partner contribution: €8,001.00 (over 1 years)

PhD award total value: €72,009.00 (over 3 years)
Enterprise Partner contribution: €24,003.00 (over 3 years)

Postdoctoral Fellowship award total: €91,790.00 (over 2 years)
Enterprise Partner contribution: €30,597.00 (over 2 years)