Be Engaged and Active with IRDG’s Innovation Focused Activities & Events in 2017

Every year, IRDG hosts a wide variety of activities and events.  These are aimed at supporting our members and the wider business community to grow their innovation capability and business as a result.  Our events are renowned for their high quality, professional organisation, and industry participation.

IRDG Activities & Events 2017

R&D Tax Credits, Knowledge Development Box, R&D Funding  ¦  Innovation Practice Group visits  ¦  Smart Connected Products & IOT ¦  Design Thinking  ¦  Lean Product Development   ¦  Innovation Capability  ¦  Free Half Day events – Visits, Seminars & Clinics  ¦  Full Day Conferences & Workshops

We look forward to welcoming you this year, and invite you to check out our calendar on this link.

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