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Lean Product Development

As competition in the global economy intensifies, excellence in new product development has become a mandate.  Processes and methods that enable organizational learning, eliminate waste and enhance value creation have spread to virtually every aspect of the business enterprise… except for one.  New Product Development.  New Product Development faces unique challenges and differs from other business processes.

Unique Challenges of New Product Development

  • It’s not a recurring process

Each new development project is distinct, at least in some respects.  Adding …

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Obstacles to Innovation

The need for innovation in business today is a given.  But understanding the need and actually being able to innovate are two separate worlds.

Creativity has become the currency of success.  What has always worked will work no longer; new, creative solutions are in demand.

We’ve done a little digging and uncovered the Top 20 obstacles to innovation:

  1. Lack of a systematic innovation process
  2. Belief that innovation is inherently risky
  3. Lack of a shared vision, purpose and/or strategy
  4. Short-term thinking
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Design Thinking – a journey to valuable solutions

Design thinking is being used to address issues ranging from the design of medical devices, packaging materials, electronic equipment, food products, invoice processing systems, tourism services, blood donation services, emergency room visits, and a whole variety of other products and services across the world.  Essentially, if you have a customer (and naturally your customer will face problems and challenges), design thinking empowers you to innovate a solution – which serves as the key to business growth.

Design thinking is one …

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What is Design Thinking?

Design thinking is essential for innovation.  Why?  Every business & service organisation is reading the market data and trying to come up with new ideas.  The thing is, novelty and creativity alone don’t drive growth.  Solving an unmet need, does!

Design thinking is a fundamentally different way of looking at the world than we normally do.  Most managers define the problem, identify various solutions, analyze each and choose the best one.  Design thinking comes from a completely different angle by …

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