IRDG Innovation Network – Calendar 2021

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For the early part of 2021, all scheduled IRDG events will be held virtually until it is safe to return to physical settings.

Calendar will continue to evolve as we kick of 2021, so check back for updates.


19th R&D Tax Credit Clinic – details
21st Masterclass with Mark Little – “A New Leadership Mindset for the New Normal” – details


11th  ♦♦♦ R&D Tax Credit Policy & Operations Forum
16th & 17th Design Thinking Programme – days 1 & 2 (Days 3 & 4 – 3rd & 16th March) – details
23rd Innovation Practice Group with John McKeon, CEO, Allergy Standards


R&D Tax Credit Clinic 
10th Executive Sustainability Clinic with Sue Garrard
23rd Lean Product Development Programme, day 1 (2  – 30th Mar, 3 – 13th Apr, 4- 20th Apr, 5 – 27th Apr, 6 – 4th May & finale – 11th May
Innovation and Design Thinking Shared Interest Group
31st  ♦♦♦ Funding & Collaboration for Business Innovation – day 1


1st  ♦♦♦ Funding & Collaboration for Business Innovation – day 2
Innovation Practice Group
 ♦♦♦ Sustainability Conference – Unlocking the Innovation Opportunity
Design Thinking Shared Interest Group


Agile-Stage-Gate Workshop
 ♦♦♦ Technology Trends Series – Artificial Intelligence


Innovation Practice Group with Kingspan
R&D Tax Credit Clinic
22nd June  ♦♦♦ IRDG Design Thinking Ireland 2021 – 3 day Virtual Conference & Workshops


R&D Tax Credit Clinic
Innovation Practice Group


Innovation & Sustainability Workshop
Design Thinking Shared Interest Group
 ♦♦♦ Funding & Collaboration for Business Innovation Conference


 ♦♦♦ Technology Trends Series
Innovation Practice Group
R&D Tax Credit Clinic


 ♦♦♦ IRDG Annual Conference – Leading Business Innovation 2021


R&D Tax Credit Clinic

Event information and booking available online at www.irdg.ie or by contacting Mary Byrne – mary.byrne@irdg.ie

Please note some changes may occur throughout the year. Dates with tbc indicate around that time. Other dates are set.
The majority of events are complimentary & available to members-only.  A very limited number of events are open to the public at market rates.

CPD Certification is also available on certain events.

IRDG Conference, Seminars & Workshops Payments Policy available here.