Inspiring Innovation for 2021

Under the theme of “Inspiring Innovation for 2021,” this year’s #irdg2020 will shine its lens on the innovative companies, thought leaders, strategies, and trends helping build a truly better tomorrow. Check it out! Check it out!


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Cybersecurity – Members exclusive, 20th October

October is European Cybersecurity Month, and we at IRDG would like to play our part in helping raise the awareness and ensure all our member companies get secure and stay secure. 

To this end, we have organised a 90-minute webinar which will be led by member companies Microsoft and FireEye, both of whom have expertise in this area.  Together they will provide an overview of the current cybersecurity issues and highlight some practical steps that organisations can take to …

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Funding & Collaboration for Business Innovation

Join us virtually on the 13th & 14th October for one of our key events of the year.

We’ll be working through: 

  • Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund (DTIF)
  • In-house Funding Programmes
  • Tax Incentives
  • RD&I Grants
  • Business Innovation
  • Collaboration Supports
  • Accessing RD&I Skills
  • Industry case studies sharing experiences of participating in various programmes

More details & booking by clicking here. 

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5G in Business with Dell Technologies Limerick, 22nd Sept

In recent years, we’ve seen the early impact and future potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) across so many different areas of our lives – manufacturing, telehealth, services, retail, cities etc.  One of the most limiting challenges to the expansion of the Internet of Things however has always been bandwidth.  The advent and growth of 5G will increase cellular bandwidth by huge amounts, and in so doing will enable much more far-reaching connectivity.  In turn, this will provide innovation …

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