Through Enterprise Ireland, the Company Health Check service involves benchmarking your company against some of the largest SME databases in the world.  It identifies how competitive your company is across a range of business functions and metrics including profitability, marketing, operations, innovation, productivity and human resources.

It examines the practices in place and the performance being achieved from those practices by;

  • measuring your company’s performance compared to the competition.
  • identifying strengths and weaknesses of your company.
  • acting as a springboard for improving your competitiveness and growing your business.

It is helpful to companies that are embarking on a Lean Business initiative and need some help in identifying what parts of the business need to be worked on first and to develop an action plan.  Companies that are embarking on a review of their strategic plan (or starting one) and want an independent review of the company’s strengths and weaknesses can also benefit.

ELIGIBILITY: This service is available to all Enterprise Ireland clients.  It is available for both manufacturing and eligible internationally traded services companies.

FUNDING: The main costs associated with the Company Health Check service are the cost of accessing international databases and the cost of a trained Enterprise Ireland facilitator.

All costs are supported 100% by Enterprise Ireland as we believe it is important for companies to have an independent review of their competitiveness.