Analog Devices shares R&D best practice & know-how with diverse industries

Innovation Practice Group to gain key insights into leading smart Irish companies

Eighty members of IRDG will visit founding member and pioneer in R&D, Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) in Limerick on the 22nd of August. As part of a series of events, the IRDG regularly brings together senior innovation leaders from all sectors of industry so they can learn about the experience of other companies when it comes to innovation, and foster ideas and forge connections across sectors.

Founded in Boston in 1965 and later established in Limerick in 1976, ADI has over 15,000 employees worldwide, with 1,300 of these located in Ireland, and is a world-leading supplier of semiconductor technology to the communications, industrial, automotive, healthcare and consumer markets. The megatrends of Artificial Intelligence, Industrial IoT, Automation, Autonomous Vehicles, 5G Communications and Mobile Health are providing opportunities for ADI to innovate within ever-expanding technology spheres.

During the IRDG Innovation Practice Group visit, members of indigenous & multinational companies, such as Dell Technologies, Carbery, GE Baker Hughes, Intel, Kingspan, Microsoft, Siemens, TQS Integration will have the opportunity to discuss all things Measureware, Software, New Business Models in Industrial Smart Buildings/Cities, and ADI’s Catalyst Innovation Centre. In addition, visitors will also observe practical demos while visiting the facilities.

Commenting on the visit of ADI, IRDG Managing Director Denis Hayes said:

“The visit is an excellent opportunity for our members to network with innovation leaders from across a diverse range of companies and share their experiences. We want companies to avoid ‘reinventing the wheel’. We consider it important for our members to exchange ideas and discover new ways of solving problems. The mix of companies taking part in the visit, ranging from small businesses to multinationals, is considerable as they can all learn from each other.”

For more information on the Innovation Practice Group visit, please see: http://www.irdg.ie/innovation-practice-group-visit-analog-devices-limerick/

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