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Visual Workflow Management: Stand Up Meetings

One of the most frequently asked questions about implementing lean product development is ‘where should we start?’

Ron Mascitelli answers this question in his book, Mastering Lean Product Development:  “Start by implementing Visual Workflow Management.  There is no tool or method in my repertoire that has had greater success, both from the standpoint of impact on team performance and from the perspective of ease of implementation.”

Organisational change is a beast that feeds on success.  Quick and highly visible wins

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Innovation Opportunities & Advanced Manufacturing in Brazil

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Lean Product Development

As competition in the global economy intensifies, excellence in new product development has become a mandate.  Processes and methods that enable organizational learning, eliminate waste and enhance value creation have spread to virtually every aspect of the business enterprise… except for one.  New Product Development.  New Product Development faces unique challenges and differs from other business processes.

Unique Challenges of New Product Development

  • It’s not a recurring process

Each new development project is distinct, at least in some respects.  Adding …

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Mastering Lean Product Development

New product development is important to provide real value to your customers.  But the hard truth is that more than half of a team member’s work day is unnecessarily (and unintentionally) wasteful – leaving less than half the day actually creating value for customers and profits for the company!  

Lean Product Development is a step by step methodology to identify and eliminate waste in any product development process.  Firms which have adopted the practical, waste-eliminating methods of Lean Product …

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