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Workshops for Innovation & Business Growth

Design Thinking for Innovation & Business Growth is fast approaching.  We gave you a glimpse into our stellar line-up of speakers here (link to article), but there are also a couple of workshop sessions where you have the opportunity to get down and dirty with industry leaders and develop new, usable skills for your innovation journey.


Philip Barret and Trevor Vaugh will be conducting this very hands-on workshop.  

You will learn to harness the power of visual

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Express yourself with Impact – the key to progress

Throughout most of history design was a process applied to physical objects.  Design Thinking now transcends this and is an alternative path to innovation which can be applied to everything from physical products to intangible processes.  It’s a systematic creative process.  Intangible yet life-changing.  

Our Design Thinking for Innovation & Business Growth event is less than a month away and we have a brilliant lineup of speakers who are guaranteed to blow your mind with their insights on design …

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Obstacles to Innovation

The need for innovation in business today is a given.  But understanding the need and actually being able to innovate are two separate worlds.

Creativity has become the currency of success.  What has always worked will work no longer; new, creative solutions are in demand.

We’ve done a little digging and uncovered the Top 20 obstacles to innovation:

  1. Lack of a systematic innovation process
  2. Belief that innovation is inherently risky
  3. Lack of a shared vision, purpose and/or strategy
  4. Short-term thinking
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Don’t be Customer-centric, be Cynthia-centric

Overcoming the challenges of REALLY understanding your customer

In business, we know that understanding customers is critical to success.  Customer experience will never transcend customer understanding.

The reality is that all of your competitors are reading the same market data that you are.  The key to success is stepping out of the norm of statistics where customers are ‘somebody I sell to’, and instead getting to know them on a very deep and real level, understanding their problems and seeking

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